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Aries Capricorn Cancer

I am a semi-professional musician and independent producer from the San Francisco Bay Area who relocated to the Central Valley of California a few years ago. I have been playing in bands and recording in home studios and top notch professional studios for many years.

I have performed with artists that have opened up for rock legends like Dave Mason (of Traffic) and new "up and coming" artists such as Vienna Teng and Terami Hirsch. I have been involved in co-producing several Bay Area artists at my friend's recording studios, Emeryville Recording and Weightless Audio.

I love and appreciate most all genres of music. The elements that I look for in music are honesty, subtlety, passion and a solid sense of drama. Music must strike an emotional chord within me and stir my heart.

Music has always been an integral part of my life. At a very young age I was exposed to a wide pallet of musical influences. These included classical music from my father, jazz and pop standards from my mother, traditional Japanese music from the time that I lived there as a little boy, and the early 60s rock'n'roll that was heard on the radio and television in my youth. Like most of the musicians that grew up during that time period, seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show had a very strong impact on me. Their music was a powerful influence on my "wonder years".

Other Highlights

I have been a part of an Internet community called Ecto since 1998 and I am proud to be an Ectophile. The community celebrates the music of Happy Rhodes and other ectophilic artists. Katheleen Michaels and I contributed music to a collection called Ectopia, which is a compilation of original music from members of the community. Phil Hudson and I contributed music to the 10th Anniversary Happy Rhodes tribute CD called "Dectopia". We also collaborated with Cyoakha Grace from Land of the Blind on the Happy Rhodes song Save Our Souls.

In June of 2001, Phil Hudson and I were co-promotors, along with one other person, for the Ectofest West concert, which Happy Rhodes headlined (per the tradition of the Ectofests from back East). The Ectofest West house concert was held the following day (you can see pictures of the event on my photo gallery page) at Phil's place in Boulder Creek. Phil and I were among the performers at the house concert.

In the early 1980s, I was a member of the progressive rock ensemble known as The Providence Project. We received airplay on Greg Stone's 1970s/1980s KOME radio show called "Stone Trek". The "Stone Trek" show featured progressive rock music from established seminal artists of the genre such as Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and ELP, along with lesser known prog artists from around the world. In addition, Greg Stone showcased local San Francisco Bay Area progressive rock bands. Kevin Gilbert and Netherworld were notable among those artists featured. He also promoted local progressive rock shows.

Please follow this link for my more detailed Biography.

Instruments played (in order of proficiency):

Guitar (acoustic and electric), Flute,

Bass Guitar, Mandolin

Artists that have influenced my guitar style:

Andy Latimer, David Gilmour, Steve Hackett,
Justin Hayward, Robert Fripp, Steve Rothery
Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, George Harrison

My Favorites

 My Favorite Bands/Artists

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 My Top 100 Favorite CDs

Instruments / Equipment:


Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, Rickenbacker 330-12, Line6 Variax Modeling Guitar 300, Line6 Variax Modeling Bass 700, Taylor 214ce 6-string acoustic, Guild D-125 12-string acoustic, Ovation 1866 12-string acoustic, Takamine CP132C 6-string nylon classical guitar

Guitar Amp

Tech 21 Power Engine 60

Amplification Emulation and Effects Pedals

Tech 21 Character pedals (Liverpool, British, Blonde), Soundblox Classic Distortion, Hardwire TR-7 Tremolo / Rotary, T.C. Electronics Nova Modulator, T.C. Electronics Flashback X4

Virtual Guitar Amplifier Emulation software

IK Multimedia AmpliTube (AmpliTube 3, Fender, Ampeg SVX), Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5, Waves GTR3

Keyboards/Synthesizer Modules/Virtual Keyboards

KEYBOARDS AND SYNTHESIZER MODULES: Fatar Studio 610, M-Audio Ozonic, Alesis QSR, Roland Vintage Synth

VIRTUAL KEYBOARDS: Propellerhead Reason 6 (refills from Nucleus Sound Lab, PinkNoise, Sonic Flavours, Sonic Reality, and many more...), Native Instruments (Komplete 8, Kontakt 5), GForce Software (M-Tron Pro, impOSCar2, Minimonsta, Oddity, Virtual Sting Machine), Spectrasonics (Omnisphere), IK Multimedia (SampleTank 2, Sonic Synth 2, SampleTron, SampleMoog, Miroslav Philharmonik), Arturia (V Collection), UVI (Darklight IIx, Emulation II, String Machines, Synths Anthology, The Beast, Vintage Legends), Applied Acoustics Systems (Ultra Analog VA-1, String Studio VS-1)

Other Instruments

Pearl flute, penny whistle, soprano recorder, several wooden flutes, ocarina, mandolin, various hand drums & percussion

Home Recording Equipment

DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION: Apple 2.8Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 6 GB RAM, Avid Protools 10, Cockos Reaper 4

AUDIO INTERFACE/SPEAKERS: Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, Tannoy Reveal monitor speakers

OTHER RECORDERS: Alesis ADAT XT 8-Track Digital Audio recorder, Tascam DA-20 DAT recorder

PRE-AMPS: A Designs P1 pre-amp, Great River ME-1NV tube pre-amp, Universal Audio LA610 tube pre-amp with opto LA2A style compressor (upgraded vintage RCA tubes installed), Joe Meek VC1 pre-amp, Safe Sound Audio P501 pre-amp/compressor, DAV Electronics BG1, Digitech VTP-1 valve tube pre-amp (with upgraded vintage Mullard tubes)

EQ / COMPRESSION: A Designs EM-PEQ, Speck Electronics ACS EQ, ART ProVLA tube compressor with upgraded vintage Mullard tubes, FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor, FMR Audio Really Nice Leveling Amplifier, Pete's Place BAC500 compressor, Safe Sound Audio P501 pre-amp/compressor

VIRTUAL EFFECTS (EQs, Compressors, Reverbs, Echo/Delay/Modulation, Specialty): Waves (Platinum, Studio Classics Collection, CLA Classic Compressors, JJP Analog Legends, Kramer "Tape, Tubes & Transistors", Vocal, IR1), Abbey Road plug-ins, Sound Toys, Eventide, Lexicon, McDSP, URS, Cytomic, Softube, Slate Digital (Virtual Console Collection, Virtual Tape Machines), Digidesign, Massey, PSP, IK Multimedia, Plugin Alliance (Brainworx, Elysia, Maag, SPL, Vertigo), Kush Audio, Nomad Factory, Bomb Factory, Mathew Lane DrMS, Trillium Lane, ValhallaDSP, Overloud, 2CAudio, 112db, Antares, Melodyne



LARGE DIAPHRAGM CONDENSER MICS: Audio Technica AT4050, ADK Hamburg mk8


SMALL DIAPHRAGM CONDENSER MICS: Oktava MK012 with matched pair cardiod and omni capsules plus an M1 LOMO head (Russian-made replacement diaphragms made for the Neumann U87)

DYNAMIC MICS: Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM57, Vintage Electro-Voice Dynamic Model 635

RIBBON MIC: ShinyBox 46MXC with a Cinemag output transformer

Here is audio and video of music I have written or been involved in creating with my compatriots:

You can hear pieces from my "Ambient meets Progressive Rock" project that I call Azure Blue Skies. Ken Ruppel, my longtime friend and keyboard player on Katheleen Michaels' "Faces, Traces and Timelines", has collaborated with me on the piece here called "Twilight" (#8 on the player).

I have a number of videos here for you to enjoy from performances I have done with Phil Hudson, Katheleen Michaels and John Kozak (from "of the Arcane"). The featured video is of Phil and I performing Peter Gabriel's "Mercy Street". Please mouse over the bottom of the video screen to reveal the other videos that are available for you to view




Here is the link to my MySpace page. There are different sound samples there of music I have been involved in over the years. I now also have a MySpace page dedicated to my Azure Blue Skies project with more pieces you can hear there.

In addition, here is the link to the MySpace page for The Providence Project. Available there are sound samples of my two prog rock projects with Derrek Pavey, The Providence Project and BEDD. This page is dedicated to Derrek who passed away in 2003.

This is a link to the CD Baby Page for Katheleen Michaels. There are sound samples there of her CD "Faces, Traces and Timelines". I played guitar throughout the CD. Katheleen and I created the music together and I helped her with some of the lyrics. Ken Ruppel and I arranged all of the music.

Please feel free to contact me at I would especially appreciate hearing from musicians interested in participating in a long distance collaboration along the lines of the music I am doing with my Azure Blue Skies project.

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