More of my Favorite Links

Here are links to some organizations and causes
that are near and dear to my heart:

The World Wildlife Fund

The American Cancer Society

San Francisco AIDS Foundation



Amnesty International

Here are links to some excellent music resource sites:

Muse' Muse

Muse's Muse
This is a really excellent resource site for songwriters.

The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music

This is an outstanding resource for discovering some new and enjoyable music. The site is maintained by Neile Graham. She has done a truly amazing and comprehensive job with this site. Ectophilic music is primarily, but not exclusively, created by female artists.

As the web site states: "The Guide is our attempt to compile the many comments and recommendations about music and reviews of music made over the years by ectophiles everywhere into a useable format." You are sure to find a treasure trove of interesting artists here. For your sake, please check it out!

The Official Web Site of Kevin Gilbert

Kevin Gilbert is an artist that I really admire. Sadly and tragically, Kevin has left this world. His beautifully poignant music and lyrics live on. Jon Rubin, Kevin's former manager, has developed the official Kevin Gilbert web site. Some of Kevin's wonderful music is now in the process of being re-released. Please check out the site.

Progressive World

This is a very comprehensive resource site for those of you interested in progressive rock music.

The Artist Shop

The Artist Shop is dedicated to promoting the music of progressive music artists that have their own independent record labels. This is an excellent site.

Land of the Blind

Land of the Blind Here is the site of a magical band that was originally from Portland, OR and now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. They play music that is an eclectic mix of world, progressive and alternative music. They feature the vision and songwriting of an outstanding singer/performer, Cyoakha Grace.

Lionharp Music / Azigza

Lionharp Music
This is the site of a truly gifted musical artist and multi-instrumentalist, Aryeh Frankfurter. Aryeh is a solo performer on Celtic harp and several other instruments. He is also the leader of the phenomenal San Francisco-based trance-rock-world fusion ensemble, Azigza. Aryeh plays a unique customized 6-string electric violin with that project.

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